Brief Introduction

Presley Kaybe Wesseh 现为厦门大学管理学院副教授,主要从事教学、科研和学生管理等工作。开授的研究生课程有能源经济学、计量经济学和管理学等,同时开授本科生课程,如宏观经济学。2014年在厦门大学获得经济学博士学位后,于2018年9月成为厦门大学副教授。在此期间,他于2015年1月至2018年8月在厦门大学中国能源政策研究院(CISEP)担任研究员。目前主持一个由中央高校基础研究基金会(Foundation for Basic Research at the Central Universities)资助的项目。他在《Energy Economics》、《Energy Policy》、《Applied Energy》、《Journal of Cleaner Production》和《Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews》等期刊发表了超过35篇论文,并在中美国际会议上对大部分研究成果进行介绍。

Presley Kaybe Wesseh is currently Associate Professor of the School of Management at Xiamen University (SMXMU) with the core responsibilities of teaching, engaging in scientific research, and supervising students. He teaches Energy Economics, Econometrics, and Management to graduate students, as well as Macroeconomics to undergraduates. He earned his doctoral degree in Economics from Xiamen University in 2014 and became Associate Professor at SMXMU in September 2018. Prior to his current position, he worked as a researcher with China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy (CISEP) at Xiamen University between January 2015 and August 2018. Presley is Principal Investigator (PI) on a project that is supported by the Foundation for Basic Research at the Central Universities. He has published more than 35 papers on Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Applied Energy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, among others. Most of his research results have been presented orally at international conferences in China and the United States.

Contact Information

Address: School of Management, Xiamen University, 422 Siming South Road, Xiamen 361005, Fujian, China


Education Background

2011 – 2014 经济学博士, 厦门大学

2008 – 2011 计量经济学硕士, 厦门大学

2002 – 2006 经济学学士, 联合卫理公会大学

2011 – 2014 PhDinEconomics, XiamenUniversity

2008 – 2011 MScinEconometrics, XiamenUniversity

2002 – 2006 BSc in Economics, United Methodist University

Work Experience

2018– 至今 副教授, 管理学院, 厦门大学

2017–2018 研究员, 管理学院, 厦门大学

2015–2016 副研究员, 经济学院, 厦门大学

2011–2014 研究助理, 经济学院, 厦门大学]

2005–2007 高中经济学教师, Elizabeth Crawford High School

2018 – present AssociateProfessor, SchoolofManagement,XiamenUniversity

2017 – 2018 Research Fellow, School of Management, Xiamen University

2015 – 2016 Associate Research Fellow, School of Economics, Xiamen University

2011 – 2014 Research Assistant, School of Economics, Xiamen University

2005 – 2007 High School Economics Teacher, Elizabeth Crawford High School

Courses Taught








Graduate level:

>Advanced Econometrics

>Advanced Energy Economics

>Frontiers of Energy Economics & Thesis Writing

>Advanced Management

Undergraduate level:


Research Interests





>Electricity Market Modeling

>Energy System Modeling

>Economic and Environmental Dispatch

>Energy-Economy-Environment Nexus

Research Grant

2019-2021 首席研究员,中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金资助,编号 0610/ZK1102 资金(人民币):¥100,000

2016 首席研究员,能源经济和政策中心科研补助金,编号 0140/ZK1070 资金(人民币):¥50,000

2019-2021 Principle Investigator, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, No. 20720191030. RMB 100,000.

2016  Principle Investigator, Research Grant from the Center for EnergyEconomics and Policy, No. 0140/ZK1070. RMB 50,000.

Recent Publications

[1] Lin B, Wesseh PK. On the economics of carbon pricing: Insights from econometric modeling with industry-level data. 2020, Energy Economics, 86: 104678. SSCI(JCR-Q1)

[2] Wesseh PK, Lin B. Environmental policy and ‘double dividend’ in a transitional economy. 2019, Energy Policy, 134: 110947. SCI/SSCI(JCR-Q1)

[3] Wesseh PK, Lin B. Optimal carbon taxes for China and implications for power generation, welfare, and the environment.2018, Energy Policy 118: 1 – 8. SCI/SSCI(JCR-Q1)

[4] Wesseh PK, Lin B. Climate change and agriculture under CO2 fertilization effects and farm level adaptation: Where do the models meet? 2017, Applied Energy 195: 556 – 571. SCI(JCR-Q1)

[5] Wesseh PK, Lin B. Modeling environmental policy with and without abatement substitution: A tradeoff between economics and environment? 2016, Applied Energy 187: 34 – 43. SCI(JCR-Q1)